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The Delbert Walling Group is an experienced, versatile 4-piece group that plays a wide variety of music including rock and roll, blues, and pop. The group has been together for over 12 years and individually the members have many years of experience as performers, teachers, and studio musicians. The group’s performances are dynamic and enthusiastic. They look forward to making a personal connection with each audience.

They are known for putting their own spin on things and keeping their sets unpredictable and fast paced. The group has often been described as sounding innovative and fresh. They love to perform and work together as a team. They have been known for packing the dance floor to the point where the audience members are on the edge of exhaustion. Delbert will call out, "We’re doing a ballad now before someone needs an ambulance!" Excellent musicianship and a great set of tunes makes for a fabulous time, both for the audience and the group! Music is powerful energy.

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Delbert Walling
guitar and vocals

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Haley Smith

Haley is a very gifted vocalist.   She sings with amazing passion and soul, lighting up the stage with her natural energy.  Every performance by Haley is an uplifting and memorable experience.



David Lee Hackett – drums

David has been playing the drums his whole life. He traveled extensively in the 80s performing rock, pop, blues and jazz. David joined forces with Delbert in the late 90s full time and the two have played numerous shows and events. David and Delbert share a lot of history and they love to perform together. With David on drums you can be assured that the down beat will always be dead-on and strong.

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Peter Fair – bass

Peter has been playing bass since his early school years. He has recorded and performed in many groups including the jazz group, Fast Tracks, the blues driven, Jim Cummings Band, Mike Gorecki and Peter Fair duo, and the roots and bluegrass group, Jim Stout and Friends. Peter adds dynamics to the group with his creative bass lines and sensitive touch.

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